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Our Tree and Shrub Care programs are integrated management plans that provide both curative and preventative measures, custom designed by an ISA Certified Arborist for your landscape’s specific needs.

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Wasatch Ecocare is a specialized Utah tree care company with over 20 years’ experience in the green industry. We have been providing exceptional tree care in Salt Lake City and are dedicated to keeping your trees healthy and beautiful. We offer the most up to date services from our plant health care division so that our customers can have a single source to maintain their turf, trees and shrubs. Our ISA Certified Arborists are highly trained in the art and science of planting, caring for, and maintaining your trees. Our Arborists combine professionalism, service and advanced field knowledge so that your landscape can thrive to its’ maximum potential in the Salt Lake City area.

What Our Clients Say

We let our Customer Testimonials do the talking!

Client - arborist salt lake city
Melissa D.
Commercial Property Manager
Customer for 8 Years

I would not hesitate to recommend Wasatch Ecocare for any tree or lawn care needs you may have. As a commercial property manager, I worked with Wasatch Ecocare for over 10 years. I always found their team to be dependable, professional and very thorough. Wasatch Ecocare was my first call for any tree and lawn issues I came across.

Chris F.
Home Owners' Association President
Customer For 10 Years

Having worked with Wasatch Ecocare for many years, I know I’m getting the best. Their knowledge is second to none. The work is always done correctly, and on time. They take the guess work and uncertainty out of any contract. The work is first rate….. I wouldn’t hesitate to sign another contract with them!

John M.
Home Owner
Customer for 10 Years

The Wasatch Ecocare team of professionals were extremely knowledgeable, and knew just the right treatments for our trees & shrubs, including many Ash trees. The specific applications and timeliness of treatment over eight years have resulted in our Ash trees being healthly, even as many trees in our community have died due to Emerald Ash Borer

Donna S.
Home Owner
Customer for 10 Years

Wasatch Ecocare was always there for us with timely support whenever we called. We are extremely pleased with all of their work and highly recommend them.

Tree Doctor Salt Lake City

Questions & Answers

Here are answers to some of the most common questions we get asked:

We are your local go to Tree Doctor Salt Lake City! Here at Wasatch EcoCare we strive to separate itself from the competition by providing our clients with a higher standard of service through utilizing advanced field knowledge for accurate problem solving and prevention, coupled with professional service and communication.  

Having a strong foundation of accurate knowledge puts us in the position to ensure that the landscapes we take care of have the most effective plant health care programs suited for their needs.  If an unexpected problem should arise, we offer our clients the invaluable resource of being able to accurately identify the problem and presenting the best solution.

We believe that dependable service and client communication are the cornerstones to a long lasting working relationship.  We feel this is accomplished by an ongoing process of identifying your property’s long and short term needs, providing service consistent with established expectations while maintaining an open line communication so that you know that your landscape is being taken care of. We are your Tree Doctor Salt Lake City specialists!

Trees add value to your property and the health of your community. Beautiful, healthy trees are an investment with substantial returns in community and ecological benefits. Conversely, poorly maintained trees can be a significant liability, even a hazard. Tree work performed incorrectly not only poses a risk to the tree itself but also endangers the person performing the work. Tree work should only be performed by those trained and equipped to work safely and properly.

An Arborist is a specialist in the art and science of caring for individual trees. An ISA Certified Arborist is trained to understand the needs of trees and provide the care and maintenance necessary to enhance a tree’s health, beauty, and structural soundness.

Not all plants in Utah landscapes have annual needs or concerns, but quite a few do.  Our climate and soil type here in Utah can make it challenging for a number of trees and shrubs to thrive in a self -sufficient manner, especially if they are not native to the area.  Since there are a wide variety of plants susceptible to a range of insects, pathogens and abiotic conditions, the recurring needs of a landscape are contingent to the types of plants in your yard.  It is the role of our ISA Certified Arborists to identify these potential or existing problems for you and put together a forecasted maintenance plan to correct and prevent future issues.

Plant Health Care

Preventive care and maintenance ensures a tree’s sound structure and overall good health. Proper care will help the tree better defend itself against insects, diseases, and problems associated with site conditions, particularly important in urban settings that can be stressful to trees. Tree Doctor Salt Lake City prescribe health maintenance measures such as:

  • A preventive health and safety assessment or evaluation
  • A spray or injection program to control certain insects or diseases
  • Aeration to improve root growth
  • Cabling or bracing for added support to branches with weak attachment
  • Corrective pruning
  • Fertilization
  • Seasonal irrigation

Utah's Premier Tree Doctor Salt Lake City and Utah Tree Care Specialists




Wasatch Ecocare is a specialized tree and lawn care company with over 20 years’ experience in the green industry. We offer the most up to date services from our lawn and plant health care divisions so that our customers can have a single source to maintain their turf, trees and shrubs.It is important to us as ISA Certified Arborist and lawn care professionals to combine professionalism, service and advanced field knowledge so that your landscape can thrive to its’ maximum potential.

We value the importance of healthy landscapes within the community and our clients’ properties. As professionals within the green industry, we find it our responsibility to provide you with the most advanced field techniques and scientific knowledge available. We take the time to pursue our ongoing education through industry associations, degrees/certifications, seasonal seminars and state industry contacts to stay current with the specialized needs of your landscape.

Utah Tree Care

If you notice bark loss, discolored or falling leaves, fungus, or your tree just doesn’t look like it used to , these are signs of a sick tree.  An untrained eye can often tell that a tree is having problems, but what is not easily seen is the underlying cause of the problem. Our experts can diagnose all types of tree conditions, sicknesses, and diseases and recommend the most effective treatments. There are a number of different treatments for sick trees based on the disease and species of the tree.  Whether the problem is insect or nutrient related, our years of experience in treating and diagnosing tree problems will be your best asset for keeping your trees and yard green.

Tree health doesn’t mean just saving your plant after you’ve noticed something is wrong, it is also about maintaining the trees before problems begin to arise.  Often times if a plant is too sick, it is much more difficult and expensive to nurse your tree or plant back to health.  Quick check-ups from our Certified Arborists are the most efficient way to ensure your plants live a long and healthy life and give your Utah home the best curb appeal possible.

Tree Spraying and Insect Control

Utah trees and shrubs can have susceptibility to a wide variety of damaging insects. Utah’s arid climate and longer than average growing season, provides optimal conditions for insects to thrive and take habitat in our trees and shrubs.

Wasatch Ecocare has a selection of plant health care treatments to offer the most effective and resourceful measures to protect your trees and shrubs. With our arborists we are adept at assessing your existing and potential insect concerns and recommending the best options available. Our extensive background with the use of variety spraying treatments allows us to align your trees and shrubs, including fruit trees, with the best maintenance available.

Our local Tree Doctor Salt Lake City treatments are designed with the well-being and long-term health of your trees.  We help preserve beneficial insects and keep diseases under control through the use of trunk and soil injections and other methods.  We treat what is needed based on insect and disease life cycles using narrowly focused and targeted applications. 

Tree and Shrub Fertilization

It is important that trees receive the nutrients necessary to live and thrive.  When your soil is deficient of nutrients, your trees will not reach their full landscape potential and will be susceptible to disease and insect problems.  They will tend to have a shorter life than a similar well-fertilized tree.  A large number of trees in Utah’s landscape are under stress due to high soil ph, soil compaction, drought and non-native plant selection.  These are common issues that can impact the long term development and sustainability of your landscape. Fortunately, regular root fertilization can help alleviate and prevent a lot of these problems.

Our fertilization programs are custom designed to match your landscape’s tree/shrub type, along with the specific challenges you may need to correct or prevent. Systemic injection, pressurized root fertilizing and soil drenches are a just few of the options we utilize to get your trees the nutrients that they aren’t able to get on their own. Give us, your local tree doctor Salt Lake City, a call today to help with your Utah tree care!