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Lawn Care Service Utah

Utah specialized lawn care service
Our Lawn Care Department can provide your lawn with everything it needs to maintain a healthy and vigorous appearance throughout the growing season. Whether it’s fertilizer, weed control or insect/disease treatments, we’ve got you covered. Our lawn programs are custom designed to suit you and your lawn’s needs.

Utah Professional Lawn Care Services

A beautiful lawn is the joy of every home owner. We would like to bring that happiness to your doorstep by taking care of all your lawn needs. Our lawn section will provide you with excellent yard services such as lawn fertilization, weed control, and pest extermination.

Besides that, we also offer expert lawn care consulting that will help you maintain your yard in a top-notch condition always. Would you like to have your lawn be the best in the neighborhood? Then here is your chance. Just give us a call.

Frequent questions & concerns regarding Lawn Care programs:

How many treatments per year will I need?

There are some consistencies from one yard to the next for recommended applications throughout the growing season, but it can vary based on the lawn history and challenges, as well as the client’s long term goals. At Wasatch Ecocare, we’re happy to customize our lawn care programs based on our clients’ needs and expectations.

Do I need lawn care program for my yard?

It’s strongly suggested if you want to maintain a consistent appearance for your yard. Turf varieties in Utah are susceptible to a host of invasive weeds, insects and disease on top of the challenges associated with our arid climate and soil texture. The purpose of a lawn care program is to give your lawn the supplemental assistance needed to ward off these challenges and keep it consistently healthy.

Contact us today to discuss what Lawn Care program will work best for your lawn.

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