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About Wasatch Ecocare

Utah Tree and Lawn Care
Wasatch Ecocare is a specialized tree and lawn care company with over 20 years’ experience in the green industry. We offer the most up to date services from our lawn and plant health care divisions so that our customers can have a single source to maintain their turf, trees and shrubs.
It is important to us as ISA Certified Arborists and lawn care professionals to combine professionalism, service and advanced field knowledge so that your landscape can thrive to its’ maximum potential.

We value the importance of healthy landscapes within the community and our clients’ properties. As professionals within the green industry, we find it our responsibility to provide you with the most advanced field techniques and scientific knowledge available. We take the time to pursue our ongoing education through industry associations, degrees/certifications, seasonal seminars and state industry contacts to stay current with the specialized needs of your landscape.shelfclimbing_13-150x150

Owner Scott Taylor has a BS in Horticulture & Plant Pathology from The Ohio State University, as well being an ISA Certified Arborist and a licensed Utah commercial pesticide applicator. He brings in depth knowledge and expertise from his experience from working in the field as a tree and lawn treatment applicator, tree climber and consulting arborist in Utah, Colorado and Ohio.

Before coming to the Salt Lake Valley, he successfully owned a tree care company in southern Ohio for 10 years. One of his prized accomplishments was managing over 2,000 Ash trees annually during the height of Emerald Ash Borer pressure during that time. His wide range of knowledge and experience bring a high level of value to his clients’ landscape, and he truly enjoys the ongoing relationships and trust that develop as a result of this.